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Gala Bingo reportedly to axe some management positions?

  • 27 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoIt would seem that Gala Bingo is doing a little bit of business process re-engineering – or put more simply will axe certain management positions within the company!  A report in today’s mirror states that the company are restructuring due to the current problems that are facing not only Gala Bingo but the whole of the high street bingo hall industry. This sad news comes hot on the heels of the five recent bingo hall closures, and with the numbers affected predicted to be in the hundreds the news will most likely not go down too well with the staff.  Those employees within Gala Bingo who are predicted to be affected by redundancy will be all staff in a managerial position which is likely to include deputy managers, assistant managers, team leaders and department controllers.

Gala Bingo management roles being restructured

With the current economic climate the Gala Bingo and Gala Coral Group have found the need to put the whole organisation under the microscope to see where they can pull in the financial reins a little and hopefully in the process make the company run more smoothly.  It is likely the restructuring of the management positions in the Gala Bingo halls will reduce the amount of senior roles to around half the current number and the Gala Bingo hall staff will have to wait around a month to see if they will be affected by the changes to the management roles.

The report in the Mirror was published after a Gala Bingo memo was allegedly seen informing staff of the problems faced by the company and of the plans to make certain employees redundant.  Bingo Hideout recently were granted an interview with the Gala Coral Chairman, Neil Goulden and during the interview we asked Mr Goulden if there were any more bingo hall closures planned by Gala? Mr Goulden did not shy away from the question and simply stated that at that time there weren’t any further planned Gala Bingo closures – though he could not completely rule this possibility out for the future if the government increased taxation levels again.

Gala not struggling but trimming down?

There has been no official press release regarding this story so we can not confirm whether the Mirror report is true, however if Gala Bingo are shedding jobs  to enable the survival of the bingo halls in the group then this is something that  is happening in all industries currently.  Organisations up and down the country keen to make their operations leaner to try to ride the current economic crisis are being forced to do similar restructuring, so therefore should not be looked at as a warning sign that the company is struggling anymore than any other.  In fact Mr Goulden said when questioned about reports of the company struggling to meet their repayment schedules “we have enough available cash to meet our obligations.” So lets not all make a drama out of an economic crisis!


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