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Gala Bingo say Luck be a Lady and its Cheryl Cole

  • 11 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoOnline Bingo site, Gala Bingo could have given Cheryl Cole a new theme song which could easily be used each time she makes an entrance on TV shows or on stage ………..‘Luck be a lady’.  The classic Frank Sinatra tune seems very appropriate for Cheryl as she has come top in a Gala Bingo poll in which they asked their bingo players who they believe would make a great lady luck.  The special poll asked bingo players to nominate a person who would be an ideal representation of Lady Luck and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole topped the Gala Bingo survey, with the curvaceous and ever smiling Holly Willoughby coming a very close second.

Cheryl lucky sitting next to Simon Cowell?

The third place position in the Gala Bingo Lady Luck survey was given to Susan Boyle, who has without doubt had one of the luckiest years of her life in 2009. Clearly those voting in the Gala Bingo poll have voted for ladies who are the most visible in the news and media, and with Susan Boyle’s meteoric global success thanks to the Britain’s Got Talent show, she could arguably (to use one of Simon Cowell’s famous phrases) be regarded as the luckiest lady of them all.  Of course all of the ladies who received votes are very successful in their own right, and if success is regarded as the product of good luck then this is no doubt why the ten ladies received so many votes.

Positive mental attitude makes Gala Bingo players lucky

It has long been regarded that those that are luckiest playing online bingo or playing lottery games and who win the biggest jackpots are those that have a positive attitude and a cheerful nature.  Of course some might say that having a cheerful nature is what bingo players do best, and not all bingo players win.  However there is a lot to be said for the power of positive thoughts, and bingo players also believe this to be true as the Gala Bingo survey had 84% of those questioned believing that if they adopt a positive approach to 2010 then they will have a far luckier year.  

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