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Gala goes it alone

  • 01 Nov 08
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Gala online bingoFollowing Gala's recent decision to leave the National Game of live bingo, it was announced this week that Gala Bingo have also now chosen to leave the UK trading body for live bingo. Their decision to leave the Bingo Association means that Gala are an entirely independent operator for live halls.

This decision in effect leaves the Bingo Association still in charge of 75% of the live uk bingo market, but faltering with the loss of such a huge brand. The Bingo Association have since released a statement reassuring live bingo players of its prowess, stating that it still represents a 'cohesive voice for bingo' that aims to represent 'the industry in a robust and successful manner'.

Given Gala's headline-grabbing recent successes of having given a jackpot to entire club, and almost reaching the £3 million mark as a result of their Breast Cancer fundraising promotions, we at the Hideout think this kind of fantastic win for halls up and down the country may not be a one off.

After all, since gala bingo uk are only rewarding their own players by stepping outside of the main game and now the Association, it makes sense that they will look to provide additional benefits for as many of their players as possible.

Whereas previously Gala was funding a game that could have been won by a player from any of the brands, now it is funding jackpots for its own players. This new independent status also means that Gala can continue forging ahead with their online bingo campaign, and the development of their own TV brand of bingo.


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