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Gambling Awareness Day, bingo players can be affected too!

  • 19 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gambling Awareness DayIn case you didn’t know today is Gambling Awareness Day, this important exercise by the gambling industry is to highlight the problems encountered by problem gamblers. Whether playing online bingo or playing bingo in your local bingo hall it should be fun and provide a little excitement and relaxation after a day at work, dealing with the stresses of life or just purely as a leisure pursuit, it should never take over a bingo players life.

Although we in the bingo industry like to think of the bingo game as a much softer form of gambling some people can become completely controlled by their urge to gamble, and unfortunately bingo players can become problem gamblers too.  Bingo Hideout would like to add their support to the Gambling Awareness day and remind players that there is help out there if they are affected by this problem.  There is a full range of support and help for players or their families and in fact Bingo Hideout’s own Responsible Gambling page is a useful resource for those that would like assistance.

The Gambling Awareness Day which is also promoted by the Remote Gambling Association has a list of helpful tips for online bingo players and other gamblers such as;

* making sure that as a player that you always keep your head above water – never play more on bingo or slot games than you can afford.

* Knowing when it is the right time to walk away from your bingo games or slot games

* Asking for help from organisations like GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous should you feel that you have a problem with controlling your activity at online bingo sites, slot games or bingo halls. Most reputable online bingo sites will allow online bingo players to set limits to allow them to control their gambling.

Bingo Hideout have sadly covered stories in the past about people driven to crime to fund their online bingo or bingo hall games, obviously these cases are a rarity.  If you feel that your gambling is getting out of control, ask for help as there is certainly lots of help available. Bingo games should always be participated in with a happy heart not played as a sign of desperation.  We wish you all happy bingo playing our beloved Bingo Hideout readers!

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