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Get Foxy Bingo on your iPhone

  • 18 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Foxy BingoFor all you fabulous Foxy Bingo fans out there we have excellent news, you can now get to gaze longingly at your favourite foxylicious fox each time you use your mobile phone or laptop. That sly old Foxy doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to getting his snout and bushy tail seen by the world and to help Foxy Bingo in his plan to be the one and only leader of the online bingo world, the site has teamed up with Wrappz to make sure that he is always on players minds.

Foxy under wrappz

Wrappz will provide online bingo players with the means to not only protect their beloved laptop, iPod, smartphone or games machine but to do it in Foxy style. Wrappz stickers provide a clever way to make your electronic equipment stand out from the crowd and how better to do that than to have your favourite online bingo site adorning all of your most treasured possessions. To get your favourite online bingo site picture adorning your phone or laptop then all you need do is visit the Wrappz site before the end of the month and look for the tab that says Foxy Bingo, then enter the special code of ‘FOXY10’ to receive a 10% discount and then place your order and soon you will be able to look longingly at the face of Foxy even when you are in the office. If you fancy having an alternative image then it is possible to get family and friends too and of course there is no cut off date for this!

Super jackpot prize on Tuesday night

While you are reading about all the Foxy News don’t forget to visit Foxy Bingo today (Tuesday) at 9.00 pm so that you can take part in the £2,500 guaranteed online bingo jackpot game. Bingo tickets are 25p each and if you can’t be there to play bingo at 9.00 pm, don’t worry as you can pre-purchase online bingo cards from the lobby at Foxy Bingo. If you read this after the Tuesday online bingo game then don’t despair there are plenty of other big jackpot games to take part in, visit the ubiquitous Foxy Bingo for further information.


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