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Gold Medal Bingo – an Olympic winner in a competitive market?

  • 14 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gold Medal BingoYet another new online bingo site has launched, Gold Medal Bingo.  The Gold Medal Bingo site is powered by Dragonfish (Globalcom /888 Holdings) and as such the experience of playing online bingo is more than adequate, the site is pretty much the same as every other one on the same network.  Bingo players who are familiar with the software will see there is little to differentiate the Gold Medal Bingo site from the others, and for those that enjoy recognizable and well-known sites this will be very attractive.  For those that are overdosed on the ‘same-old’ they will be bored rigid as there is very little to make this new online bingo baby stand out from the crowd – other than the home page graphics of course!

Familiar like a pair of comfy old training shoes?

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing that Gold Medal Bingo doesn’t have its own distinct personality, as there are many benefits of playing new sites like Gold Medal Bingo.  The fact that the rooms are well populated, the bingo promotions have a familiar ring about them and good jackpots as well as players enjoying a good level of customer support are just some of the many advantages to playing at bingo sites like Gold Medal Bingo.  Not forgetting that the professional team of CM’s that know their onions and of course deposits and withdrawals being carried out through Brigend certainly make this site a very good option to play, especially for new players.

Gold Medal winner or also-ran?

Gold Medal Bingo does lack a certain something to excite and without the undeniable lure of stacks of free bingo games and small bingo ticket prices, familiarity alone might not be enough to get the punters through the online bingo door.  The competitive market for online bingo means that new sites have a lot of very good competition to vie for the loyal band of online bingo players out there, and just being in the race is not enough.  New entrants to the online bingo world need to bring something different to the market and attract not only the online bingo fans but new players too.
So the race is on, will Gold Medal Bingo live up to their Olympic name and become a bingo industry race leader? Well only time will tell, and although the Bingo Hideout team wish Gold Medal Bingo well, the sad truth is that they might just end up an also-ran!

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