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Google go goo-goo for gaming ads

  • 27 Oct 08
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Online bingo Google ads

This week, the spies at the Hideout have spotted an interesting move from Google to reverse the current downturn in adverting and match the move previously made by their rival Yahoo to bring in more revenue.

With the launch of their new software Adsense, the UK branch of Google has lifted the ban on online gaming advertising, after declaring last year that they would never do so.

Online bingo vs the mighty Google

dramatic turnaround in policy seems to be reflective of the current
economic situation in the UK. The decision is also thought to have been
influenced by many of the big advertisers having cut their budget by up
to half for the next year. It comes at a time when sectors such as online bingo and poker are overall becoming more prolific in their advertising.

Google has said that 'only operators registered with the Gambling Commission with a valid license number will be allowed to advertise' and those found to work outside of these restrictions will have their 'accounts terminated'.

The introduction of the new Adsense software will mean more players coming onto our favourite bingo sites from new sources, which as we mentioned last week ultimately strengthens any sites' ability to fund bigger promotions.

Although not everyone is happy with this move, we at the Hideout love that we will gain new innovations and investments in our favourite game as a result of the new intake. More innovations gives all players more choice in play, and we look forward to seeing what even more on-board newbies can mean for players both old and new across the bingo online spectrum.

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