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Government bingo measures, or all the latest from Gerry Sutcliffe

  • 15 May 08
  • Written by

Government changes in bingoAs promised Bingo Hideout are keeping an ear to the ground over the next couple of weeks so our members are kept up to date as and when the new reforms to bingo as promised by Gerry Sutcliffe emerge.

Despite having promised 'positive' measures to help the world of live bingo out of its current decline last week, the Government have declined to remove VAT on bingo play. This move by the Government is not seen as a great help to a flagging industry and we at Bingo Hideout are wondering how such a move is in any way 'positive'.

The lift on VAT would have gone a long way to restoring profits to the industry and might have secured the number of bingo halls to remain open over the next year. With this news coming so soon after the announcement that the current industry problems 'do not have a tax solution', many halls will be feeling a little less confident about their future.

There are apparently still reforms promised from Gerry Sutcliffe to be announced next week, which the bingo industry are desperately hoping will mean the lift on the current limits to the number of £500 slot machines allowed in bingo halls.

With online bingo sites allowed to host slots, multi-line slots, table games and partnering with other gambling sites that offer anything from betting to poker sites, online bingo doesn't seem to have the same restrictions on gaming that live bingo is struggling under. With live bingo halls on such a tight leash, many people believe the Government is choking the industry and only a lift on these restrictions and new innovative promotions nationwide will help it recover.

Whatever these reforms are, Bingo Hideout are aware that the industry is gearing up for a multi-media revolution in telly bingo and mobile bingo games so that no matter where you are you can still play a quick game of bingo. Although this is an exciting time of change for some, we suspect that live bingo players such as the elderly who enjoy a weeknight out at the local hall might not think so.

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