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Government fail to protect our children from gambling?

  • 03 Mar 09
  • Written by

Don Foster

We all like a little flutter here at Bingo Hideout and why not, we are all above the legal age of consent and pay our taxes etc. We are however concerned that the same Nanny State that preaches on an almost daily basis about what we should and shouldn’t eat or how many units of alcohol we should or shouldn’t have is failing to protect our children from the dangers of foreign gambling websites. Here in the UK our own online bingo and gambling industry comes under immense scrutiny and of course huge taxation, however it has come to light that the same rigorous checks are not made at the present in relation to foreign online bingo and gambling sites, nor have they been since 2007. Shockingly the Liberal Democrat Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, Don Foster has revealed that up to a third of foreign internet gambling sites fail to meet our stringent criteria which includes adequate age checks being completed. Mr Foster believes that foreign gambling sites should be banned from advertising in the UK if they fail to meet our stringent standards of practice.

It is also alarming that there is no requirement on foreign gambling websites including online bingo sites to make a contribution to fund treatment, research or education in relation to problem gambling. Don Foster who has raised questions in relation to this subject in Parliament, went on to say “Internet gambling is big business with an annual turnover of up to £1.4bn from UK players. It is unbelievable that the Government is allowing these websites to advertise in this country with no concrete assurances that they are operating in a responsible way.”

Certainly with the rapid growth in online gambling and online bingo sites and of course the increased patronage it is something that the Government clearly needs to get on top off. In short we could very soon have a double standard of online bingo and gambling sites, those that are legitimate, above board, paying their taxes and accountable and those that are not, who manage to get around our laws by being based abroad.

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