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Granny Celebrates Jackpot Wins at Ladbrokes Bingo

  • 15 Jan 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altAn anonymous grandmother from the Yorkshire area of England really celebrated the New Year in style, after winning two giant jackpots at one of the UK’s most popular online games sites – Ladbrokes Bingo.

Lady Luck must have been well and truly on her side, as her good fortunes began at Christmas-time in 2012, when a mighty jackpot win scooped her £31k. The pensioner decided to have another go a few days later, and bought £10’s worth of tickets for the site’s Bouncing Balls game. After seeing eight jackpot symbols appear on her computer screen, signalling a progressive jackpot win, she initially thought she’d won £500. However, she eventually realised that the figure was actually £250k!

When interviewed after her second win, our lucky gran commented that after the first £31k payout, she was “chuffed to pieces,” and that when she saw the £500 flash up on-screen on her second visit to Ladbrokes Bingo, she was once again “over the moon.” Once the reality started to kick in that she’d possibly landed the big one, she said it “felt like hours” before the actual amount was confirmed, and that she’s barely had a wink of sleep since with all the excitement.

When asked what she intended to do with her massive windfall, she revealed that she already has some big ideas ready to implement in 2013. These include buying a new house, and taking her children and grandchildren on holiday. However, before you jump to the conclusion that this perky pensioner will be whisking her family off to a 5-star luxury resort in the Maldives to drink champagne and dine on caviar, think again! Commenting that she’s “not worried about the weather,” she is fully intending on a celebratory trip to Haven “down the road.” Now that’s what we call grounded!

Ladbrokes Bingo is just one of the many offerings from the well-known High Street bookies. Other online games sites that they manage include casino, poker, and sports-betting. The bingo website regularly pays out generous amounts to other lucky players, and gives away as much as £5m each month. However, this Yorkshire grandmother is their first big winner of the year, following on from the millionaire they created last summer.

What would be your ultimate bingo dream-come-true? Would you rather win a dream holiday, a new car, or just a whopping amount of cash? Leave us a comment and let’s hear your thoughts.


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