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Harrods Bling Go – a new posh bingo site with added bling?

  • 01 Apr 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Harrods Bling GoWhat do you get if you merge online bingo with super swish luxury store Harrods?  The answer my friends is Harrods Bling Go, the new online bingo site that puts the bling right into the game. A little bird has whispered in my ear that a certain big posh store in London is going to soon be getting a slice of the online bingo action, and that a certain Mr Al-Fayed is a big fan of the game, so much so that he wants to feature on the site too.

Prizes to make the heart skip a beat

The new Harrods Bling Go game won’t be done on the cheap though, we have heard that the bingo ticket prices are expected to start at £20 each rising to £100.  Prizes are not expected to be cash, this of course would be far too vulgar for the clients that are expected to frequent the online bingo site.  Instead the bingo winners can expect to receive a jackpot of possibly antique furniture, D & G sunglasses, Marc Jacobs handbags, Harrods food hampers and even Tag Heuer watches. There is not likely to be any free online bingo or free bingo bonuses at this site either!

My source (who I might add is not such a little bird) would not provide any more information on the expected launch of the new Harrods Bling Go site, or who the bingo software providers are nor what the finished bingo site might look like.  After doing some digging I have found that harrodsbingo.co.uk and harrodsbingo.com domains are both taken, and in fact the harrodsbingo.com address takes you straight to the Harrods department store site.  You will just have to watch this space for more news, that is of course if my source doesn’t get the sack for letting the Bling Go cat out the bag! ROFL

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