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Hellooooo…Tasty Bingo are you out there?

  • 01 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tasty BingoTasty Bingo is set to launch soon? Well so all the bingo blog sites are saying, however we have yet to see any evidence of any new developments happening for the brand new and some might say overly commented on new bingo site.  The guys in the Bingo Hideout office have been keeping a watchful eye on proceedings and have been hopeful of a glimmer of a press release or any activity at all on the Tasty Bingo holding page – but as yet not a sausage.

Tasty Bingo and Jet Bingo lost in Bermuda Triangle?

We have been loathe to just write an article about Tasty Bingo without having something concrete to comment on.  The Bingo Hideout team were keen to wait for the official launch, the reason for this is we jumped in straight away last year about the ‘imminent arrival’ of Jet Bingo, and to this day the Jet bingo site is yet to leave its hanger.  However we feel with so much speculation our Bingo Hideout readers will want to have some news on the subject of Tasty Bingo!

We have nothing to say on the subject – no really we don’t!

Well Dear Bingo Hideout readers we can only tell you what we know – which can almost be written on the back of a postage stamp.  We have been told by an industry insider that Tasty Bingo will be launching shortly and that even though it hasn’t happened yet it is poised ready to do so, and it may even be today.  We could of course make lots of food references about the Tasty Bingo name and make a lot of assumptions about the fact that there is a strawberry covered in chocolate on the holding page, but we will wait to tell our readers more facts when we have some.  There is a small amount of information contained in Wiki AboutUs section which displays a Wink Bingo banner and a small amount of text about Wink Bingo so we assume that this site is connected in someway to Wink, but we can’t say for sure.

We hope to bring you more about Tasty Bingo soon but until then the fact remains that Tasty Bingo hasn’t launched and there is no news yet – sorry! Play Wink Bingo while you are waiting for something to happen, at least you can have some online bingo fun immediately!

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