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Hollywood meets bingo in new film – Bingo confidential

  • 28 May 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo ConfidentialHow exciting, could it be true that there is a Hollywood film actually being made about our much loved pastime of bingo?  Well fact can sometimes be stranger than fiction and it certainly seems the case that a film is soon to be released with the central hook all being about bingo. Doing a bit of poking about we have discovered that there is in fact a new group that has popped up on facebook called interestingly ‘Bingo Confidential’, and being of a curious nature and of course with a strong regard for investigative bingo journalism we couldn’t resist having a look (well to be honest it was more to do with the fact that some other well known bingo industry insiders have joined as ‘fans’ that we really took a look).  It appears to be a site to publicise an American made film of the same name.

Low and behold and on further digging (nosing) about we have uncovered that the Director / Producer of Bingo Confidential, Susan Noel Benfatto gets about a bit and hasn’t restricted herself only to Facebook as she is also featured on Twitter.  Ms Benfatto is listed as a ‘Bingo Movie Maker’ based in Hollywood, USA.  Yes guys we have finally made it, all of us bingo players are now Hollywood film fodder! OK, so it isn’t really a personal achievement for any of us here in the UK, but who knows what could be next, possibly a UK follow up in the local Mecca Bingo Hall? Or Possibly a Foxy Bingo film with our favourite fox being the hero and all the lady bingo fans stalking him wearing red jackets?

If you are interested in having a look there is also a website to publicise the movie, again called Bingo Confidential which provides a bit more information as to the storyline.  The film is apparently shot in ‘documentary / fly on the wall’ style and is a comedy story based on the trials and tribulations of a group of bingo players on their quest to win a massive $1 m bingo jackpot. The bingo hall scenes were shot with actors mixing with real bingo players which will no doubt give Bingo Confidential the authentic quality that the producer is looking for.  Should you be as nosey as us then have a look on YouTube at the clip of the movie, there is no news as to whether this film will be released in the UK, however a little bird did tell us that originally the film was due to be released straight to DVD but due to the level of interest this may not now be the case.  We will as ever keep you posted as to development in that area.

“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

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