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How does the live bingo announcement affect online bingo

  • 13 Jul 08
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Changes to online bingo?

In the light of the recent announcement by Gerry Sutcliffe that the restrictions on B3 machines in live bingo clubs are to be lifted allowing for four £500 pound prize machines in each club, we at the Hideout have been wondering how this will affect online bingo?

Although the Government have not shifted on the double taxation burden that the live bingo industry is reeling from, they have relented on the restriction of slot machines, meaning that more live players can enjoy larger payouts at every session. We have considered the positives for the live bingo industry already but what does it mean for players of online bingo? Will the numbers of live players increase now more money is in the pot, and will that make a difference to the numbers we see as a result of a flagging industry?

Olive Branch

Here at the Hideout we believe that the
Government's olive branch to live bingo should have no negative
impact on roomies given the choice of slots available on each site. We
can only foresee better prospects for lovers of online slots as a result of this freedom. If for
example the numbers playing online side-games should decrease,
operators of our favourite sites will simply invest more time and money
in creating better games for better or similar payouts.

There are few players of online bingo who only join up to play slots, and while there is a lot to be said of playing a slot live and watching your winnings fly out of the bottom of the machine at you, there is also a lot to be said of winning a progressive slot where the prize fund is often much larger than the set £500 of B3 machines. With some of the bigger sites offering PJP slots, which run at £20k on average, there are plenty of opportunities for online players to both enjoy and win big on their favourite site.

Positive Effect

It is a great boon to live bingo that the numbers of these machines has been re-introduced. We at Bingo Hideout welcome this
proposal, as we feel it will have a positive effect on the whole of
bingo in the long term. After all, the more money that is returned to
the industry from regular players means ultimately we all get a better
gaming experience. Encouraging further benefits from investment and
games innovation, whether we play at home or in one of the clubs, can
never be a bad thing no matter how it came about.

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