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How much do we love bingo?

  • 26 Jun 08
  • Written by admin

We love online bingo!

Those of us who enjoy Internet bingo love it so much we spend around £600 million on online bingo tickets a year. These figures are based on the amounts returned to players in jackpots over a year and take into account the 15%-20% an operator will keep for itself. This estimation of the figures has been so far widely accepted although the site admits it's not the whole picture as operators are loath to give out definitive numbers. In the light of this, we thought we'd take a look and see what these figures are and what they mean to our members.

Here comes The Sun

According to this report, The Sun Bingo has a massive 19% of the online bingo market and Gala Bingo a huge 16%. These are of course two trusted brand names that everyone – even non-players – can recognise and so their success comes as no surprise to those in the industry. It is interesting however that The Sun site, which doesn’t use TV promotion to gain players, leaves behind both Gala and Foxy. Both Foxy and Gala are renowned for their advertising achievements, with Sharon Osbourne being the face of Gala and Foxy sponsoring a TV show. The Sun seems to rely on word of mouth and ads in its paper and on its main site to bring in player numbers, an approach that is certainly paying dividends.

Foxy business

This report also reveals the true extent of Foxy's growing empire -estimated at 13% of the market – and underscores the fact that with the right icon and the right targeted ad campaign even a new brand can hit the jackpot by retaining existing customers on site as well as attracting new online bingo players.

Online bingo just gets bigger and bigger

figures are further put into perspective by the recent revelation that
online bingo gaming has risen by 19% in the last 6 months. For a long
time Internet bingo was dismissed by some as being a flash in the pan,
but with figures like these backing up industry investment and
long-term growth we think that many of the bigwigs that have previously
scorned our favourite game will have to rethink their approach. This
kind of heavy investment from players means that any operator worth its
salt ought to spend time on getting their site right in order to
attract and retain players.

With the launch of the latest software from leading industry platform creators Parlay, there is no longer any excuse for sites to sit idle with old information pages. Parlay 5 offers potential for new
and existing sites to create something as interesting and engaging as
Foxy have. However, it's not just the look of a site that makes
players decide to stay, it's the level of interaction roomies
have with the game and each other that makes the difference.

Bingo Hideout would like any renewed interest from investors to translate into better deals for
existing players. It's very possible that as a result of these
figures we may see the launch of another flurry of sites, but if operators are serious about making money then investing in interactivity on site and better rewards for loyal players seem more likely to bring better returns in the long run than a quick sign up bonus.

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