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How online bingo became so big last year

  • 04 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

Foxy Bingo

Tying in with our article about the banned Tombola Bingo ads this week, we have heard a buzz about the total cost that the biggest online bingo ad campaigns cost last year having totalled a huge £7m.

It’s all about the newbies

Despite the numbers of players growing all the time, there are new ads for the biggest sites appearing on our TV screens all the time and with 230 sites in the UK competing for new players year round, the competition is fierce indeed. The ads themselves often talk about the sign up bonuses offered to new players as well as the features hosted by the site, which has lead to ever more competition in the sign up wars than ever.

No wonder Foxy is so popular

The team at Nielsen Media Research who released the figures have been assessing exactly how much the UK bingo sites spent on adverting last year. In the light of this it has been suggested that Foxy Bingo spent the most on TV campaigns, with a stupendous £2.25m spent last year. When we consider the huge campaign foxybingo.com recently released announcing that Foxy ‘was back’, we at the Hideout are already wondering how much their total for 2009 will be!

A huge turn around on Tombola ads

The second largest spender on the list was tombolabingo.co.uk. With its rebranding and relaunch campaign setting them back an enormous £1.75m last year, they will no doubt be disappointed that the ASA have decided it doesn’t wholly approve of their roller coaster/fair ground look after it’s already been on air for a year!

Despite the enormous cost, we love watching the latest ads on the telly for all of our Directory sites at the Hideout. Let us know which is your favourite online bingo ad on our forum and we’ll see which site has spent their money the most wisely according to our members.

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