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How you can tone up those bingo wings!

  • 23 Feb 09
  • Written by

Bingo WingsOne thing that drives us all crazy in the summer is those arms being exposed after having the comfort of being covered all winter, our bingo wings are suddenly out there. Our loose and white skin suddenly exposed to not only the sunlight but also the critical gaze of the world, is sometimes too much to bear. With that in mind we at Bingo Hideout have decided to help you do something about those bingo wings before the T-shirt weather arrives!

Firstly our bingo wings are part of us, so let’s try to love them! OK….. so you’re not convinced. The first thing that you can do is invest in some wrist weights. These are excellent as they can be hidden under your big woolly jumper so no one need know about your secret work out. You can use them as much or as little as you like and are a really great way of toning that lovely baggy white bingo wings flesh.

Another cheap and cheerful work out is to get two tins of baked beans and take them to bed, I know you are looking a little confused now. However this exercise is also an excellent toner for those upper arms. Lay with your head at the foot of the bed, hold the cans in each hand and raise your arms up, keeping them straight and bring them over your head so that they are over your head and the end of the bed. Do this each day for 10 – 20 times for the first week and gradually increase until you are doing 40 – 50. By the summer this exercise will have toned up those bingo wings and you will be wearing your T-shirt with pride.

Power walking is not only good for the legs and your general health and well-being but also if you swing your arms briskly will tone up the upper arm gradually.

If all of the above seem far too energetic then massage is good, a daily massage whether in the shower or bath whilst washing or when you have had your bath with body cream, can not only tone the arms but can make them seem so much softer too, a win-win – and all us bingo fans love a win-win!

Failing all of the above, careful dressing will allow us to hide the bits we don’t like. Three quarter length sleeves give a summery look, allow for the air to circulate and of course are extremely elegant. Short Puffy sleeves can draw the eye away from the problem area, as can a pashmina (sorry lads you will just look plain daft if you go for this look!). Certainly vest tops should be avoided by both sexes if there is a big bingo wings problem. We hope this helps, roll on the summer – all one week of it!

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