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Is live bingo still a live wire?

  • 08 Jan 09
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Live bingo still alive and kickingIt's another one in the back of the net for Mecca Bingo live bingo as the Huddersfield Examiner announces that it is host to the luckiest uk bingo player on record. With one hundred wins under his belt from the live hall, Brian Parker has won over £10,000 in 2008!

What a showstopper

This only goes to show that you can be as successful at live bingo as at online bingoo and that you can also win huge payouts by simply visiting your local hall. All the live halls throughout the UK apart from Gala Bingo halls are still linked in the National Game, so you can, in fact win a lot of money and the opportunity to do so is more often than you think.

Staying in touch

Of course the real bonus of playing live bingo is that you can visit with your mates have a laugh and still go out for a drink afterwards. In other words a quick session at the bingo hall can be just the beginning of your night out and who knows, you and your party might even end up drinking champagne before the night's out.

How about you?

Having read up on Mr Parker's amazing run in the last year, it set our minds to wondering what the record number of wins is for an internet bingo player. We could find no record online, but if you had a good year playing UK bingo, do let us know and we'll draw up our very own straw poll of Hideout winners.

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