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It appears Mecca Bingo’s Dave won’t do it!

  • 20 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoMecca Bingo proudly announced in the summer that ‘Dave Will Do it’, stating that each month Bingo Dave will do some ‘outlandish’ stunt to raise money for Mecca Bingo ‘s favourite charity Whizz-Kidz. After checking religiously for updates on Bingo Dave’s page at the Mecca Bingo site, we can report that there have been no new stunts added since the charity leg waxing that Bingo Dave had to endure way back in July.  Was the leg waxing just too much for Bingo Dave?  Is Bingo Dave now chickening out of any future stunts? Or is it Mecca Bingo at fault, has Bingo Dave been enduring jumping out of aeroplanes, abseiling down tall buildings, spending the day as a chiropodist and the guys at Mecca Bingo HQ have failed to update the news stories on the site?  We would love someone at Mecca Bingo HQ to enlighten us, or Bingo David if he is not to busy having his head shaved for charity.

Bingo Hideout are really keen to see what Bingo Dave has been up to in aid of the Whizz-Kidz charity.  After a bit of digging about we have found that Mecca Bingo have launched the ‘Heels for Wheels’ appeal, basically bingo players are being urged to donate a pair of their old shoes to help raise money for Whizz-Kidz.  Mecca Bingo halls in Bristol and Bridgwater to name just two, are appealing for shoe donations, any bingo players who would like to take part in this fund raising activity can check out the Mecca Bingo website for more information.

Bingo Hideout have covered how Mecca Bingo are helping the very worthwhile Whizz-Kidz charity in the past , all the Mecca Bingo team are getting involved even the CEO himself Ian Burke!  Whizz-Kidz helps children with disabilities to lead independent lives by helping with the expense of mobility equipment, advice and training.


Update: We have had word from Mecca Bingo that Bingo Dave has got married and that is the reason why he has been unable to carry out any of his promised stunts – Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Bingo Dave may all your problems be little ones! However Bingo Dave may need to get permission to carry out any further stunts from a higher authority in future !

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