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It’s a dogs life winning bingo jackpots at Wink Bingo!

  • 07 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Wink BingoWink Bingo has just released a new television advertisement that features a Weimaraner dog and its online bingo winning owner, doing the ‘Lord of the Dance’ routine justice with a Michael Flatley Irish style jig. The owner of the dog at first  is seen sitting on the settee at home playing online bingo sat next to her dog, when the message flags up on the laptop screen ‘Winner’ and the Wink Bingo caller informs the online bingo players ‘we have a winner’ the pair jump excitedly from the sofa and start their Irish Dance.  The dog though clumsy at first soon gets the hang of the Irish dancing and performs in true Flatley style,  whilst the voiceover gives all the advantages of playing online bingo at Wink Bingo.

How will you celebrate a Wink Bingo win – with your dog?

The voiceover on the Wink Bingo adverts asks the question ‘how will you celebrate?’ on a win, and it does give an opportunity to ‘paws’ to think about the prospect of a win and how you would feel.  Would you have a mad urge to dance around the living room with your dog if you won a big jackpot prize at Wink Bingo or more likely would you feel the urge to confirm that you had actually won before dragging your mutt unwillingly around the living room? Whichever, the Bingo Hideout team feel that the dancing on the ceiling advert sums up the euphoria felt on a big online bingo win more adequately than the current advertising campaign.  However for charm appeal the inclusion of any four legged creature is going to make some online bingo players (as well as those that don’t currently play) take notice of the adverts, and hopefully will generate more new UK bingo account holder.

Irish Setters can’t dance?

If you are a big fan of Cry of the Celts, Michael Flatley or maybe just all Wink Bingo adverts – and of course the online bingo games – then you will love the new advert from the Wink Bingo marketing guys.  Though we do wonder why the producers didn’t opt for an Irish Setter to do the bingo winning dancing – possibly that breed has four left feet?


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