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ITV game review

  • 20 Jun 08
  • Written by

ITV bingo night liveSince announcing its launch Bingo Hideout have given ITV's Bingo Night Live a couple of weeks to settle into the new format before reviewing it. We like to be fair at Bingo Hideout and since we believe this new way to play has huge potential and could – with the right audience share – make the move onto prime time telly we have held back. Unlike other sites that were quick to judge and jumped on the slightest failing of the first few shows, we wanted to be able to give this fledgling project a chance.

The ITV show Bingo Night Live is hosted by Melinda Messenger and Micheal Underwood and is presented in a glitzy and fresh format, which these presenters suit to a tee. The main concept behind the programme is it's simply an entertaining way to spend time and, since you can play for free, that's a winning format for all players.

There are huge jackpots to be won and since all you have to do is register online to get your free tickets, it's just a question of whether you can stay awake long enough to enjoy the show. One of the biggest drawbacks of the show so far is the late time slot. We are hoping that by promoting it in a positive light (which it truly deserves on grounds of innovation and imagination) its popularity will grow enough to warrant an earlier slot that more people can enjoy more often.

Each show features three different colour-coded games and with updates from the resident statistician as to how close players are to winning, the excitement grows with every number called. The statistician is in this instance like the new version of the traditional bingo caller; a reflection of the modern player's needs for information while in play, Nicola holds our attention throughout and adds a whole new dimension to the game.

Extras in the game itself include the Magic Number Game where you are given a specific number at the time of card choosing. This number stays with you for every game in that show and it can win you whatever the amount shown on the screen is.

At Bingo Hideout, we love this new way to play and as a time out from online bingo that all your insomniac family members can also join in with, it provides good fun with a fresh approach.

Bingo Night Live is shown on a Tuesday and Saturday night on ITV1.

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