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Jackpot Joy’s Joan Bags a Biggie

  • 22 Jul 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altJackpotjoy is one of the best-known and most-loved online bingo sites in the U.K., and it’s still attracting new players by the score with its offers of plentiful prizes and juicy jackpots, as well as a whole lot of choice when it comes to bingo rooms. One member who is feeling particularly joyful of late is Mrs. Joan H., who has just scooped over £4k whilst playing one of their popular 75-ball games.

Joan was “so surprised” at her payout, so much so that her jaw almost hit the floor. We’re not sure as yet what she’ll be spending her winnings on, but she’s bound to put them to good use.

Jackpotjoy Bingo is in fact, making so many prize-winners every day that they’ve even dedicated part of their site to them. There’s an impressively long list of all the latest players who’ve pocketed prizes, and for members like Mrs. Joan H., there are interviews and stories about the biggest winners, accompanied by photos of them receiving their massive cheques.

When we checked the site recently, they claimed to have paid out over £8.5 million the previous day, so it’s no wonder that there are winners popping up all over the place! The biggest of the recent Joy winners was Grant M., who bagged more than £19k back on 12th of June 2012. Grant was totally bowled over with his Jackpotjoy Bingo slots win as he had taken some time off work to celebrate his 21st birthday.  Savvy Grant is going to use the money that he won playing Wonderland slot, to get his foot on the property ladder by buying his first home.

We always love to hear from our readers, so we’re wondering whether any of you have ever hit the big time at Jackpotjoy, or any other online bingo site? If so, was it a life-changing experience, and how did you decide to spend your extra money? More importantly, is there any of it left? Or, if you’re still patiently waiting for your winner’s moment, do you believe that eventually the finger of fate will point your way, and what are your plans for if it does?


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