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Jackpotjoy Winner is now a Believer

  • 12 Sep 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altJackpotjoy is one of the most popular online bingo sites in the UK, and is always in the news with stories of new games, exciting promotions and big wins.

One particularly heart-warming tale that’s emerged over the last week involves a player called Gemma, who always doubted the winner’s ads until she became one herself.

During a thrilling 75-ball game of “Round the Clock,” Gemma P. was stunned when she realised she’d won an amazing £1,277. Having previously seen ads for the site, with the names and faces of so-called happy winners peering out at her, she wrote them off as made-up stories, designed to convince people to come and join the site in the hope of success.

However, when her daughter arrived home from school one day bearing a four-leaf clover, she decided to put luck to the test and try out a few games.

Once she’d signed up and deposited her first £10, Gemma was credited with a £10 welcome bonus, giving her a tasty £20 to start playing with. Having dabbled with a few different games, her eyes locked on the Round the Clock game, as the tickets only cost 10p and would therefore make her money go a little further. A few minutes later, just another afternoon at Gemma’s house became no ordinary afternoon at all, as she slowly realised that she’d won £1,277. Her husband, who was asleep at the time, was rudely awoken by his highly-excited wife, telling him that he needed to wake up and listen to her good news.

Half-asleep, he muttered that it must be a scam, and had to be shown her computer screen to make him realise that it was actually for real.

The couple have since withdrawn their winnings and booked a family holiday, and it’s all thanks to a four-leaf clover, a leap of faith, and Jackpotjoy Bingo.

Round the Clock is just one of Jackpotjoy’s 75-ball offerings. Using the standard game rules, the only difference is that it offers random players the chance to enter a bonus round after the usual game has finished. Just the week before Gemma P.’s win, another lucky player known as Mrs. Christine L. scooped more than £1.5k playing the very same game.

So, have any of our readers ever questioned whether winner’s adverts are true? Perhaps you were one of those winners yourself? Do get in touch and let us know…


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