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Jacks Live Bingo, completely different live online bingo site?

  • 22 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Jacks Live BingoA new bingo site was launched in May by online casino ShootJack, and we think it is certainly worth a visit for any online bingo players who are getting a little tired of the usual online bingo format.  The new Jacks Live Bingo site is a thrilling online bingo experience offering interactive live bingo games with a live flesh and blood called and provides online bingo players with the chance to chat live with the bingo callers in real time.  The live bingo games take place every day of the week between 9.00 am and 1.00am and are all presented by excellent bingo callers who bring the feel of the bingo hall right into your own home.

It’s the same yet different!

Jacks Live Bingo make quite a statement on their website when they say that the online bingo site is ‘the only live interactive bingo in the world’, as we do believe that others have got there before them – BingoLive 365 is a case in point. However that aside, no one can detract from the polished online bingo product that they deliver, even if there is an element of artistic licence in the marketing department. In fact if you like the BingoLive 365 or the Bingo Hour experience then you will love Jacks Live Bingo because the similarity is quite astonishing to both and because this is a networked site that is probably why.  In fact the self professed ‘only live interactive bingo’ site out there has a presenter that look remarkably like one of the bingo callers on the BingoLive 365 site too, which makes there statement even more laughable.

You guys will love playing online bingo at Jacks Live Bingo

Bingo games are cheap starting at only 1p, so even though there is no free cash bonus to get you interested there is a 100% deposit bonus up to £150 which will help to make it all seem a little more attractive.  The home page of Jacks Live Bingo site is butch and black and very blokey, in fact the overall feel is that the Jacks Live Bingo site is more geared towards a male player at the ShootJack casino rather than the usual female online bingo player.  Which is fine, because sometimes we can all feel a little fed up  of all the pink and fluffy bingo sites out there, so Jacks Live Bingo is quite refreshing with its slick clean format. Blokes will love it, and we are sure the girls will too, Jacks Live Bingo for all its similar qualities to other live online bingo sites, remains quite unusual still!

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