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Join the online ‘I’m backing Bingo’ campaign

  • 30 May 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Backing Bingo CampaignWell the bingo industry big guns are all blazing now, and the government better get ready for a big bingo Tax bust up.  Hot on the heels of Joanna Lumley’s success with her fight to allow the Gurkha’s to stay in the UK, the Government is set to have some more general public strife taken to their door as some of the biggest names in the bingo industry headed by Mecca Bingo have joined forces in a fight to save high street bingo halls. They are calling on the nations bingo industry, bingo players and the general public to join together to fight the unfair 22% tax levied in the last budget and have a three stage plan to help the cause.
The Bingo Association, Mecca Bingo, Gala Bingo, Castle Bingo, Buckingham Bingo, Rank Group and Carlton Bingo have released details of their combined three stage plan to get the message across to the Government that the Bingo tax must be kept at 15%.  They are asking for everyone to support the plan by participating as much as possible in the various stages.  The first stage is for supporters to sign a petition on the Downing Street Website, the petition was started on the No,10 website by a concerned bingo player Michael Hodder and reads ‘I am a member of the Mecca bingo club I’m really upset and disappointed that the Government has decided to tax Bingo even more heavily than it was before. Be fair to bingo players CUT THE TAX’. The petition currently has over 1,500 signatures with more being added daily.

Bingo fans asked to write to their MP

The second stage is to join the group started on social networking site Facebook by Will Clarke, we have reported on the ‘Help me fight for a fair deal for Bingo’ group before so won’t bore you with all the details, but current member numbers run to over 1,700. The third and final stage of the campaign is to write to your MP, the following document link will show details of how to carry out each one of these stages so that you don’t encounter any problems.  This will be especially helpful if you don’t know who your MP is or what you should write in a letter to them.  The document shows how to locate your MP and also contains helpful templates that can be used so all you need do is download and add your address details and  sign, it couldn’t be simpler.

We at Bingo Hideout are proud to be doing our bit for the ‘I’m Backing Bingo’ campaign, we hope our wonderful readers will do the same.

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