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Joyful Jackpot Win!

  • 04 Dec 15
  • Written by pinklady

joyful jackpot win

As you know by now we like to share all the best bingo news with you; the good, the bad and the downright ugly! But we start with one of the happier stories, all about a lucky group of 121 bingo players at the Mecca Bingo night in Telford. It all happened on Halloween when the supernatural influences were working their intrigue! The players down at Telford kept their minds on the job in hand which was joining in a countrywide Halloween Firecracker event. Every participating club was given a card of numbers to tick off in one big jackpot game, with the top prize being £100,000. Our Telford tribe waited nervously on the edge of their seats for their next number to come up and some were even chanting “10” to help things along. Imagine their delight as the number 10 was called and they shouted bingo in unison!

Each of the 121 players received their share of the winnings at a party held at their winning bingo club at Southwater Square in Telford. As theirs was one of the smaller halls taking part, each lucky player received a cheque for £830. How would you like that to go towards your Christmas shopping?

It seems that Telford could be the place to associate with for lucky bingo wins. Last year one resident there scooped £92,800. This year back in August one senior player won an amazing £25,000 which really made his day. This was swiftly followed just a few days later by a win of £20,000 for another lucky lady.

On a much less lucky piece of bingo news thieves tried to muscle in on the bingo action at a bingo hall in Bristol. They knew it was a popular venue but instead of taking their chance by joining in a friendly game they had other plans for the late Wednesday evening session. They forced their way in and emptied the safe much to the dismay of onlookers. Staff on duty at the time, although quite frightened, were able to act very responsibly and kept mindful of the safety of their loyal bingo players at all times throughout the ordeal. The police praised them for their actions and stressed the rarity of such an occurrence. They carried out a thorough investigation and moved very quickly to bring the villains of the piece to justice. It’s now back to bingo as usual at the Bristol hall.

For all those of you who like our lucky players in Telford prefer to play down at your local bingo hall, remember to follow simple safety rules especially when travelling on these dark evenings. Always share your journey with a companion or meet together down at the bus stop as there is safety in numbers. Bear in mind that as the weather turns colder and the daylight hours become shorter, this might just be the right time to think about giving online bingo a go. It’s not for everyone, but you will never know until you try!

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