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Jump for Joy at Wink Bingo

  • 26 Mar 09
  • Written by admin

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo have become famous as much for their humorous television adverts as they have their online bingo, and the latest release from the marketing department have not let the waiting public down.

The latest Wink Bingo advert features a very curvy lady dressed in her pink pyjamas with matching slippers at her pc playing online bingo. When the lady wins she launches herself into a celebratory dance around her bedroom dancing literally up the walls and even on the ceiling all to a rendition of a 1920’s style crooner singing a song titled ‘Jump for Joy’. The advertisement is very cheerful, lifting the spirits and summing up exactly how any one of the online bingo fraternity would feel in the event of a substantial win.

The lady who features in the Wink Bingo advert has come in for some mixed reviews, and there have been some very unkind things said by certain members of the public in forums, as well as some very positive feedback also. We at Bingo Hideout believe that the character in the advert is a superb piece of casting, the lady concerned is a comely woman with an extremely jolly personality who could in fact be any one of the online bingo playing public. The filming of the advertisement is extremely clever, clearly the room is revolving for the woman to be able to dance on all the walls and the ceiling; however at not time does it become obvious how this trick is carried out.

What ever your views on the lady in the advert, Wink Bingo have as usual provided an advert that gets the viewing public talking. Whether it’s the Wink Kittens, the lady at the Opera, The campers or one of the other funny adverts Wink Bingo have memorable adverts that bring a smile to most peoples faces, anyone who doesn’t has most likely had a sense of humour bypass!

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