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Jump onboard the online Bingo Boat

  • 29 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo BoatIf you fancy playing an online bingo site that is a little bit different then you can’t go far wrong than playing on the Bingo Boat.  The nautical theme doesn’t completely dominate the Bingo Boat site, but there are little touches to maintain the maritime flavour.  There are 75 ball and 90 ball bingo rooms at Bingo Boat and the online bingo games rooms are not over populated, so for players who are looking for fairly decent jackpot prizes and not much competition then Bingo Boat will certainly provide an interesting destination.  The Interactive Playnet software is not your usual everyday online bingo platform so if you are thoroughly bored with the ‘same old, same old’ then Bingo Boat is going to be a rather refreshing change.

Bingo Boat also offers a range of special ‘community features’ to make the online bingo site even more interesting, the tournaments are one such feature that is bound to stimulate much interest amongst the online bingo playing population.  Players will receive medals as prizes for a win ranging from bronze to Gold with each one being valued in loyalty points, the more bonus points that are earned the more prizes that are possible to be won. Another feature that we love is the blog side to the site, online bingo players who join the Bingo Boat community can post their news and views on a whole manner of subjects and have them online once they have been approved by the editorial team, subjects up for discussion on the Bingo Boat site are great bingo moments, trivia, jokes recipes and testimonials.

The online bingo ticket prices at Bingo Boat are pretty reasonably with some tickets starting as low as 4p each, and as online bingo players who open an account will receive a £10 free bingo bonus to try out the Bingo Boat site before making a deposit.  The site accepts three different currencies, £, $ and €, this can be selected when an online bingo account is opened and then all bingo tickets and winnings are displayed in the chosen currency. Once players make a deposit they will receive a very generous 250% bonus and then up to 250% on further deposits depending on the level of money deposited. Once you have joined make sure you check out Roomie Corner, as its certainly worth a visit!

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