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Kids back to school – time to play online bingo again!

  • 03 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

888 LadiesAll parents love their children but one of the joys of back to school week is that there is an opportunity to grab some serious ‘me’ time and possibly play some online bingo too if we are lucky! Gone is the madness and mayhem, shoes and toys scattered around the house replaced instead with peace, tranquillity, order and a snatched hour playing your favourite online bingo site. What can be finer in the morning than getting the little darlings all sorted for school, loading the dishwasher then settling down with a cup of tea or coffee, a bit of music playing gently in the background and a visit to 888 Ladies to play some online bingo games – heaven!

Lesson of the day, play more bingo!

After the trauma of traipsing around a crowded zoo or theme park, screaming toddlers and stroppy teenagers in abundance, the chance to sit awhile and play some of the free bingo games on sites like 888 Ladies is just out of this world.  Great news if you do decide to play 888 Ladies is that they offer free games every day, and every hour.  So if you really do need to get the dinner on or do some washing then at least you can still sit down and grab some free online bingo later on! If you have been dreaming of bingo balls all summer long but have felt guilty about the possibility of neglecting the little darlings, the new school year spells the beginning of freedom to play bingo once more!

Dad’s can play 888 Ladies bingo too!

For all the stay at home Dads who are a little affronted by the thought of playing a site with a name like 888 Ladies – there are plenty of online bingo sites that are both butch and offer free bingo games aplenty! However even though 888 Ladies is aimed at the girlies there is no reason why a guy in touch with his feminine side can’t play the bingo games on offer and enjoy them too.  The girls would be only too pleased to talk to the online bingo playing blokes in the 888 Ladies chat rooms, so if you are a single Dad get chatting and if you are a married bloke then maybe it would be wise to check its ok  to play at the 888 Ladies Bingo site with the lady wife first!


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