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Local Girl Strikes It Lucky at Ely Bingo Hall

  • 08 Nov 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIt’s not every day that you see a big win take place down your local bingo hall, so imagine how amazed a 25-year-old Outwell resident was when she hit the big time at the aptly-named Winners Club in Wisbech recently. 

Ami Marshall plays at the Norfolkshire club every week along with her mum, Linda Hawes, and the pair had always said that they’d share the winnings if either of them ever struck it lucky. Fortune was obviously in their favour one evening in late October, as they scooped £22,000 during one of the club’s evening games.

Ami (who works as a part-time receptionist at a local doctors’ surgery) says that she was so excited about her win that she struggled to concentrate on dabbing her remaining cards for the last few games. She admits that a few tears were shed when the caller announced just how much she’d won as she “didn’t think you could win that much.” Ami says that her friends and family now see that bingo’s not just a game for old grannies, and that it’s actually fashionable to play.

The 25-year-old is giving £10,000 of the prize money to her 48-year-old mother, who she says, “is really special to me.” The win couldn’t have come at a better time for Ami and her partner Matthew Day, who works as a local electrician. They currently live in a small, two-bed semi in Outwell, but are struggling for space with their three-year-old son, Charlie, now growing up. Therefore, they’ve decided to put the cash to good use by paying for a conservatory at the property, but despite saying, “it would be quite easy to spend the lot!” they are also investing some of it in a savings account, and making sure they have a Christmas to remember.

The Winners Bingo club manager, Paul Paterson says they’re delighted about Miss Marshall’s win. He went on to say that many locals don’t realise that Wisbech has a bingo hall (which is situated at the Empire Theatre in Blackfriars Road), but that a lot of younger people are becoming increasingly attracted to the game.

Have you ever won a large amount of money at your bingo club? If so, how did you feel when you realise what you’d won? If you’re still waiting for that amazing moment to happen to you, how would you spend your winnings?

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