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Loyalty: Can You Benefit from Sticking to one bingo site?

  • 11 May 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altThe trend in the online gambling industry has always been to chase the best offers, the biggest bonuses and get the most for your money, and why not? When sites are all offering tempting welcome packages it can be hard to turn them down, especially when they arrive in your email inbox one after another. However, there are benefits to sticking by your number one site and there are some who believe these benefits outweigh those of hopping from one site to the next.

Taking the example of Ladbrokes Bingo, you can see they’ve put time and effort into their loyalty scheme and it recompenses loyal bingo players well, as do many of the schemes across other sites. If you choose to play at Ladbrokes beyond your sign up bonus, you can see yourself climbing what they call their loyalty scheme: Laddie’s Rewards. With five levels, you are offered additional free games and extra perks as you creep up the ranks in the form of redeeming your Laddie’s points for real cash as opposed to bonus funds. When you consider you’re earning points from the word go, the chance to redeem them as real cash is a serious perk as you’re literally earning as you play.

This is of course just one example of how loyalty can be a positive influence on the bingo gaming experience and over time, garner you a cash reward that really is worth sticking around for. What’s more, engaging and getting involved with the social aspect of a chosen website is a great way of potentially finding your way to more cash prizes and even more entertainment. Ladbrokes are one of the many sites who crown a Roomie of the Month, although some even do this on a weekly basis, and the chat moderators at the site vote to see who they believe has been the most fun, bubbliest and contributed most to the chat rooms they offer. The player crowned with this title at Ladbrokes will find themselves treated to free tickets to a selected bingo room for the following month. In addition to these big one off prizes, engaging with the chat rooms and chat hosts on offer at your chosen bingo website can net you extra bonus points and liven up the social aspect of your gaming.

Choosing one site and sticking by it can seem difficult when you see all the big juicy promotions advertised across your screen and even in your inbox, but over time you might grow to see exactly how you can benefit from remaining loyal and finding the site that’s perfect for your needs.


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