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Loyalty rewarded with entry to exclusive games at Costa Bingo

  • 18 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Costa BingoCosta Bingo have just announced some changes to the online bingo site which for regular online bingo players will make playing their usual games of bingo all the more attractive.  Costa Bingo have quite rightly realised that the benefits to depositing players are made a lot smaller by so many of the non depositing players playing the free online bingo games all day, so they have decided to ensure that all their depositing players are looked after really well in future.  With this plan firmly in their minds, Costa Bingo has launched a whole raft of changes that will certainly make their regular depositers feel a lot more loved and important.

Special bingo games for depositing and re-loads

Firstly there is a super new online bingo game schedule at Costa Bingo for both first time depositers and for those that re-load their online bingo account.  For all online bingo players who make their first £25 deposit  at Costa Bingo there is a special free £25 jackpot online bingo game taking place from 11.45am and  then every two hours thereafter until 11.45pm.  Then for players who re-load their bingo account Costa Bingo have free £50 jackpot bingo games taking place every two hours from 11.30am until 11.30pm for a reload of £50 in a single day.

Are you a Bronze, Silver or Gold online bingo player?

Costa Bingo also want to ensure that their loyal players who keep depositing get the best of deals so have now launched a loyalty programme that takes into account the level of deposits that an online bingo player makes.  The higher the deposits, the higher the loyalty level, and the higher the jackpot games that are available for the player to enjoy at Costa Bingo.  Costa Bingo are offering three distinct levels of jackpots for regular players, so starting with Bronze, Silver and then Gold player jackpots.  To earn a place in the bronze level games – which offer £25 jackpots – players must have made a deposit of at least £50 into their account over the previous three days they will then gain exclusive entry to the 4 games each evening.  Silver players will have deposited a minimum of £500 over a 5 day period and they can enter the 4 exclusive Silver games offering a £35 jackpot each evening, an added bonus is the entitlement to enter the Bronze games too.  A Gold player will have deposited more than a £1,000 in the previous 7 days which will be provide special entry into the four £40 jackpot games each evening.  The gold Players can also enter the Silver and Bronze player games providing 12 exclusive games for them to play.

Clearly these bingo rooms will be less populated than the free online bingo rooms and so the chances of winning the exclusive bingo jackpot prizes are substantially increased.  It is nice to see that Costa Bingo is recognising that the loyal online bingo player who makes their regular bingo account deposits is a very valuable commodity and should be given an enhanced chance of winning prizes, and of course all the usual free online bingo games are still available at Costa Bingo.


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