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Lucky Charms You Need To Play Bingo!

  • 25 Jan 15
  • Written by royalrocker

altWhen it comes to gambling of any sort, it is believed that
there are certain lucky charms that can help you out! There are a number of
different charms available out there, but some are aimed specifically at
increasing your chances of winning! If you haven’t already, why not find out
what charms would benefit you the most by reading below!

Mystical number 7

This magic number is an easy charm to make yourself or even
purchase a pendent or charm with the number 7 on it. The number 7 is said to
bring luck, fortune and even happiness.
Why not write it on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket? Or
invest in a special item of jewellery to play all your bingo games.

The Hand of Lady Luck

Fancy the hand of lady luck? Lady luck has been bringing
luck to gamblers for many, many years and her presence is always welcome. Don’t
struggle and don’t leave anything to chance. Lady Luck is believed to bring you
luck not only in finances but in relationships too and every aspect of your

The Quinnox

Legend has it that Queen Isabella of Spain gave her precious
good luck charm, ‘The Quinnox’, to Christopher Columbus on the day he departed
for the New World. It is believed that once you take possession of the powerful
Quinnox good luck charm, you will feel it “in your bones” that you
are about to win big!

The Money tree

Money can grow on trees! A money tree amulet can bring you
all the luck you need! Maybe you have been waiting for something special to
bring you some good luck and stimulate your winning power. If you are in
possession of a money tree, you could make lots more money upon your
investment, discover new opportunities and see a dramatic increase in your
saving and or winnings.

The Magic Square

Now here’s an amulet no gambler should ever be without. From
the mystical Hebrew tradition known as the Kabbala the magical square is an
extremely influential amulet. When holding the magic square while selecting
your numbers or ticket the correct numbers may begin to come to you. This
amulet is especially useful with games of bingo and the lottery. You won’t want
to play bingo again without it.

A Lucky Leprechaun

The luck of the Irish could be with you if you invest in a
lucky leprechaun. When you purchase a lucky Leprechaun don’t hide it away, keep
it in view as it needs attention! Your Leprechaun can help you with big wins
and is great for bringing you financial luck!

If you haven’t invested in a lucky charm before
why not give one a go? There are so many different ones available; the one that
catches your eye is the one that’s right for you!

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