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Manchester riots update – Bingo winning mum free on appeal

  • 28 Aug 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altUrsula Nevin has achieved a lot of press inches for being a bingo winner turned bad, after being jailed for her part in receiving stolen goods that were taken from shops during the Manchester riots.  Nevin’s name has been dragged through the mud for her role (albeit tiny part) in the shocking riots that hit many parts of the UK at the beginning of August.  Nevin has since been released from jail after a successful appeal, and will now complete 75 hours of unpaid community work instead of the custodial sentence that had originally been meted out.

The 24 year old mother of two, was jailed for five months when she was found guilty of receiving a pair of stolen shorts.  The harsh sentence dished out to Nevin was the result of heavier penalties ordered in a knee-jerk reaction by Prime Minister David Cameron.  The new tougher sentences were imposed to deal with the criminal element who were destroying livelihoods, the intention was that tougher punishments would send a strong signal that such actions would not be tolerated. 

The item of clothing that Nevin was found guilty of receiving was actually stolen by lodger, Gemma Corbett which she had gained from ransacking shops during the riots.  Ursula Nevin on the other hand, was at home in bed whilst the rioters and looters took to the streets causing mayhem and destruction. Corbett also boasted of her haul to friends.  This proved to be the young woman’s undoing as someone felt strongly enough to report her actions to the police.  This resulted in the home she shared with Nevin being raided with both women subsequently arrested.

Much has been made in the tabloids of the young mum’s bingo jackpot win of £100,000, which she won when just 19.  It has been alleged in some newspapers that Nevin spent the entire bingo win within 4 months, during a slots gambling spree at her local bingo hall. This would appear to be the only ‘crime’ previously that Nevin was ‘guilty’ of.  The sun was particularly scathing, describing her as ‘a Greedy Mum’; though from the evidence it would appear that the woman spent the money so quickly because she was a problem gambler. 

Nevin’s new found notoriety for being something other than a big bingo winner, might now be fame she would rather shy away from.  Clearly the young woman with a previously un-blemished criminal record is deeply ashamed of her actions; which no doubt will cast a grim shadow over her life for some time to come.

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