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Mecca Bingo asks “Who’s your Community Champion?”

  • 13 Oct 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altMecca Bingo and Real People Magazine have recently launched a search to find local Community Champions across the United Kingdom, in order to recognise them for their often unrewarded efforts. It’s a great opportunity to put forward your neighbours, friends, family members, and local projects who’ve been hard at work in their local areas, helping to make things better for all concerned, and looking after individuals who are most in need.

You can nominate anyone for between one and six of the different categories, and the winner of every category will get £1,000 in the form of a big “thank you!” The judges will then look at all six categories to determine one overall winner, who will be presented with an extra cheque to the tune of £5,000.

The voting categories are as follows:

  1. Caring Person of the Year – this is in recognition of those who provide care for those in need;
  2. Hero Pet of the Year – do you own, or know someone who owns an animal superstar? If a certain moggy, doggy, or froggy has helped someone you know in a practical or emotional way, let Mecca Bingo know!
  3. Unsung Community Hero – this could be an individual or group who has been helping make their neighbourhood a better place;
  4. Neighbour of the Year – this category is for those neighbours that you simply couldn’t do without. If there’s a crisis, they’ll pitch in to help in any way they can;
  5. Longstanding Community Project of the Year  – this is for projects that have been running for at least a few years, which have benefitted your area;
  6. Community Big Idea of the Year – is there one particular local project you know that could really use some extra money to get it off the ground?

We think this is a great initiative, and Mecca Bingo spokesperson, Lesley Clifford agrees, saying that the campaign “is in celebration of people, pets or projects which have made a big difference,” and that visitors to their land-based clubs have already mentioned several unsung heroes in their communities who they’d like to see win an award.

To put your nominations forward, visit the Mecca Bingo website by 4th November 2012.

What do our readers think about this campaign? We’re sure you know plenty of people, or even pets, who’ve helped save the day countless times! Why not mention them here by leaving us a comment, so they’ll get double the recognition they deserve?


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