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Mecca Bingo calls brought up-to-date

  • 23 Oct 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altYou may have seen the recent Mecca Bingo campaign that asked online bingo players to send in their suggestions for some new 21st Century online bingo calls.  The campaign was launched to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Mecca Bingo brand, and aimed to bring the more traditional bingo calls, bang-up-to-date and maybe a little more in tune with the much younger audience at both bingo halls and the online game.

There is nothing new of course for the bingo calls to be altered over
time, some that were relevant 50 years ago would clearly not be a good
fit for today’s market.  There has of course more recently been some
reference to calls like Legs Eleven and 88 two fat ladies not being
entirely appropriate in a modern world.  This aside many of the calls
are just fun and a simple way to both remember the numbers called, give
them time to mark their cards and to entertain the bingo players.

Mecca Bingo has received an amazing response to this promotion and the suggestions encapsulate characters and themes that are more relevant today.

There were a massive 14,835 votes cast for the most popular suggestions which included:

Will and Kate – 8, Sexy Time – 69, Adele – 19, Harper Beckham – 7 and Dumbledore – 4, to name but a few.
For those concerned that their game of bingo and the popular calls they are more familiar with will be changed forever, then you need not panic.  It appears that Mecca Bingo introduced the calls for one day only, so all your usual old favourites like Sunset Strip for 77 and Dirty Gertie for number 30 will still remain firmly in place for the foreseeable future at least. If you are interested in seeing the new Mecca Bingo calls then you can visit the Mecca Bingo Blog where you will find all the details and of course you can play online bingo at the Mecca Bingo site as usual – just to check that all remains the same.

No doubt there will be small changes over the next 50 years, which does beg the question….. if online bingo is the new black, what will the bingo game of the future be like?  Will we have robot bingo callers or Holograms, will we teleport ourselves to go and collect our winnings?  Will the jackpots be paid in some strange world currency? It does make you wonder doesn’t it!

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