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Mecca Bingo continue to call for players to back bingo

  • 16 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

I'm Backing BingoMecca Bingo has renewed their calls to the online bingo industry and bingo players as well as the remaining high street bingo halls, to remain steadfast in their support of the struggling bingo industry.  The ‘I’m Backing Bingo’ campaign spearheaded by Mecca Bingo is already a huge success in terms of numbers of people supporting the campaign, with over 40,000 now pledging support. It was hoped that the government would see from the amount of support gained from the public and MP’s how seriously an already struggling bingo industry will be affected by the new level of bingo tax.

Testing the water for further gambling tax increases?

Mecca Bingo and all the other campaigners are rightly disappointed by the governments rigid stance and their failure to rethink the unpopular increase in taxation on the bingo industry. As a ‘softer’ form of gambling it is certainly felt by most people that the bingo industry is being unfairly targeted for the increase in tax when other forms of gambling remain at the standard 15%.  Mecca Bingo are therefore intent on continuing their fight to save the bingo halls from what they consider to be certain extinction and are pushing forward with the promotion of their I’m Backing Bingo campaign, determined not to give up the fight.

In a recent press release from Mecca Bingo they include a quote from MP Stuart Hosie who is bitterly disappointed that the amendment to the bingo tax was dismissed, and said of the governments decision “Labour has hung the bingo industry out to dry. This amendment was a chance to do the right thing by the bingo industry and they have failed”

Visit the official I’m Backing Bingo website

Many feel that the government sees the bingo industry as a soft target and is actually using the bingo taxation as a stepping stone to gradually increasing taxation on all gambling, which they then could possibly raise gambling tax to be in line with the bingo tax but as yet this has not been suggested by the government.  Mecca Bingo have a dedicated website for the bingo tax campaign and are asking for all those that have not yet registered their support to visit the website to join the I’m Backing Bingo campaign.


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