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Mecca Bingo fraudster slapped with compensation order

  • 01 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoA Mecca Bingo player from Southport who fraudulently claimed another player’s winnings has been caught and has now also had her day in court.  The local Magistrate hearing the case against 27 year old Clair Borrell ordered the cheat to pay £700 in costs which included compensation, court fees and charges and a fine.  The guilty woman committed the crime at the beginning of March and was apprehended as the result of a police investigation.

Fraudster claimed winnings as hers

Regular readers of Bingo Hideout will remember our story about the heartless thief who visited the Mecca Bingo hall in Lord Street, Southport and made off with another Mecca Bingo player’s winnings claiming them to be their own, from back in mid March.  At the time of writing the crime was still being investigated by the police, who were studying CCTV images in their attempts to apprehend the callous villain.

Borrell of Victoria Street, Southport had convinced the busy staff at the Mecca Bingo hall one Sunday evening that she was collecting the bingo win for a friend but in fact made off with the cash before the real winner could come forward to claim her prize.  Luckily for the real winner the Mecca Bingo hall staff did not make a song and dance about the deception and paid out the £500 bingo prize when supporting evidence was supplied.  The Mecca Bingo hall staff ensured that they called the police in to investigate.


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