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Mecca Bingo Hires New PR Agency to Attract Wider Audience

  • 08 Aug 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altOne of the UK’s favourite online and land-based bingo operators, Mecca Bingo, have recently employed the services of a new PR team in a bid to change its brand direction to one that is “not defined by bingo.”

Clarion Communications, a 40-person PR team who have also worked with the likes of Lindt, Jagermeister, Vue, Unilever, and Innocent, have been hired to manage all Mecca’s consumer PR which will involve promoting Mecca Bingo’s online and mobile sites, as well as its nationwide chain of clubs. The team at Clarion will be expected to carry out day-to-day press office responsibilities and organise seemed media campaigns, as well as organise stunts that are based on the operator’s brand strategy of “Come and Play at our House.”

Mecca Bingo, whose brand director is James Condon, is understood to be looking to attract new players to its online and mobile gaming platforms, while it also seeks to create a consistent identity across all its offerings in a bid to appeal to a wider audience. Mecca’s Head of PR, Lesley Clifford, says they don’t want to just “appeal to a certain demographic,” but instead seek to “create one emotive, integrated brand across all channels.” She added that their target audience is consumers “we share the same mindset” as Mecca Bingo – those who want to “enjoy fun and laughs with their friends and family, and maybe win some prizes at the same time.” The “Come and Play at our House” invitation means that people will be able to “join our party wherever and whenever they choose.”

Ms. Clifford added that the operator hopes that Clarion Communications will bring the brand’s mantra “to life” and reflect Mecca as a gaming entertainment brand name that definitely includes, “but is not defined by bingo.”

Clarion’s Chief Executive Officer, Gary Freemantle, says his team plan to take the Mecca name to “the next generation of players” by integrating the brand name in order to make it appeal to a “wide and diverse audience.”

Clarion have certainly got their work cut out for them as they start their new partnership with Mecca Bingo, which has been a well-known British brand for more than half a century. However, looking at the testimonials on their website, they’ve certainly got a long list of happy customers, including Nectar, who described one of Clarion’s PR pieces in the Sun newspaper as “probably one of the best pieces of PR coverage I’ve ever seen,” and Chessington World of Adventures Resort, who says they are “thoroughly delighted with the decision to get Clarion on-board.”


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