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Mecca Bingo hopes for different tax structure for bingo and gaming.

  • 27 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoIf Mecca Bingo gets their way the whole of the gambling and bingo industry will have a completely different tax structure.  Mecca Bingo believe it is totally unfair that different gambling activities like betting, casino gaming and bingo attract such different rates of taxation.  Mecca Bingo’s parent Rank are therefore campaigning now to have a flat 15% tax rate for ALL of the different forms of gambling. They call the present taxation system a ‘patchwork quilt’ which treats certain forms of gambling, in particular bingo, unfairly.

Help for the High street bingo industry

If the Government were to take notice of Mecca Bingo and their supporters it could be a lifesaver for the ailing high street bingo industry which is currently on a downward slide.  Mecca Bingo in particular has tried their hardest to gain a fair deal for the high street bingo industry and were at the forefront of the I’m Backing Bingo campaign. Readers will remember our articles about Mecca Bingo and others in the bingo industry all campaigning hard to get the government to re-think their position on bingo taxation.  Luckily some inroads have been made, the government agreed to reduce the highly inflated rates of taxation from 22% to a slightly better 20%.

Level playing ground

Mecca Bingo and the Rank Group are asking the Government to bring all gambling activities to the same 15%, if they achieve their aims then casinos, bookmakers, poker rooms and bingo halls would all have the same rate of taxation.  At the same time as player numbers would increase the benefits to the government’s coffers are pretty obvious.  An increase in players at casinos and bingo halls would result in more cash being spent which would inevitably result in more tax being due. Come on Darling, sort it out!

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