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Mecca Bingo in Sheffield falls silent in bingo protest

  • 21 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoMecca Bingo is still pushing out all the stops to draw attention to the I’m Backing Bingo campaign.  In fact Mecca Bingo ’s whole group of bingo halls are doing their bit to make sure that they get the maximum amount of press coverage, to draw attention to the possible repercussions for the already struggling bingo industry if the government does not reverse its proposals to hike the tax on bingo halls to 22%. Mecca Bingo have since the new taxation levels were announced in the budget tried everything possible to help the ailing bingo industry.

Bingo caller will be silent in protest

The latest protest is at a Mecca Bingo hall on Flat Street, Sheffield, where the bingo caller will be refusing to call the numbers for two games, the games will be played in total silence with players having to watch a visual display to enable them to mark their bingo cards.  The action by the Sheffield Mecca Bingo hall is most likely to highlight the possibility that soon no numbers will be called in any bingo games on the high street as there will be no bingo halls open to facilitate the playing of bingo games. Regular readers of Bingo Hideout will be aware of the many stories that we have featured on the huge amount of bingo campaigns that have been carried out already around the country.

Join the I’m Backing Bingo campaign to add your voice

The two silent games at the Mecca Bingo hall in Sheffield will be played one at 12.30pm and the other at 7.30pm so that all players will get the chance to participate in the protest games should they wish to.  The silent bingo games will still result in a prize being provided to the winners of the special silent bingo games, each one having a jackpot of £50.

The manager of the Sheffield Mecca Bingo hall was quoted today (Tuesday 21st July) in the South Yorkshire publication ‘The Star’ as saying that ‘regulars had sent nearly 600 letters to Sheffield MP Richard Caborn’ in protest at the higher taxation faced by bingo halls, in particular their local Mecca bingo hall in Sheffield.  Anyone wishing to join the I’m Backing Bingo campaign can visit the official website which the Mecca Bingo Group has had a key part in creating, by clicking on the following bingo campaign link.


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