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Mecca Bingo, Lorraine Kelly and the secrets of youth!

  • 23 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Lorraine & Mecca Bingo BuddyBingo loving GMTV presenter, Lorraine Kelly recently judged the Mecca Bingo Buddy of the year awards, and seemed to fit in well with the gathered bingo players at the Mecca Bingo hall in Wednesbury.  Lorraine Kelly still stunning at 50 also recently revealed to Cathy Spencer, a reporter for the Express and Star a little about her bingo playing background, she told the reporter “I used to play bingo a lot, especially when the carnival came to Glasgow”.  The popular daytime TV presenter then went on to tell Cathy that playing bingo is almost in the blood, with her gran from Glasgow a regular visitor to her local bingo hall, she said “My gran is a big fan and she goes twice a week and I think it is what keeps her young and fit.”

Secret to eternal youth – Lorraine Kelly’s Mum!

Lorraine Kelly told the Express and Star reporter a little about her views on reaching 50 as well as her love of bingo.  She said that she wouldn’t ever consider lying about her age as she felt that it was far better for people to look at you and say ‘you look good for your age’ rather than think you were younger and hadn’t weathered so well.  The affable GMTV host, Lorraine attributes her own youthful appearance to the luck of coming from a good gene pool, her mum apparently looks 20 years younger than her actual age.

Lorraine chatted to bingo players at awards

Lorraine Kelly’s love of the popular game made her almost the perfect judge for the Mecca Bingo Buddy of the year awards, Lorraine spent time chatting casually to the gathered players at the Mecca Bingo hall. The regional finals saw some pretty tough competition for the eventual winner Valerie Harkin, and we have to admit that we admire the judges greatly for being able to choose between the really worthwhile candidates.  There had to be one winner in the end and for Valerie Harkin the eventual holder of the title Mecca Bingo Buddy of the year 2010 there is now the prospect of an exciting holiday on the horizon.


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