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Mecca Bingo playing ladies released from lift by firefighters

  • 14 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoA group of Mecca Bingo players visiting their local bingo hall in Huddersfield apparently got stuck in a lift at the bingo venue.  The small group of six people entered the lift at the Mecca Bingo hall last Wednesday evening, 10th March but couldn’t open the doors to exit.  The group of Mecca Bingo fans were trapped for nearly half an hour and eventually had to be released by a fire crew called to the scene who managed to release the bingo players after forcing the lift door.

Paramedics treated pensioner

All of the trapped people were distressed at the time of the incident according to the local paper, though all were released safely in the end.  One of the party, an elderly lady of 78 had to be treated by paramedics for the effects of claustrophobia on being released from the Mecca Bingo hall lift.  Luckily no serious harm was done with only a bit of shock and distress and after treatment at the Mecca Bingo site the pensioner along with the other bingo players were all allowed home.

Flowers and a sorry for trapped women

The staff at the Mecca Bingo hall in Folly Hall, Huddersfield were obviously relieved that none of the players suffered any lasting ill effects from their ordeal and in way of apology the Mecca Bingo hall Management team arranged for a bouquet of flowers to be sent to each of the ladies that had endured the upset of being trapped.  Thankfully Huddersfield Mecca Bingo has now had the lift fixed by an engineer, and it is now fully operational again.  So don’t worry ladies and gents if you are planning on a visit to the Huddersfield Mecca Bingo hall, as the chances of lightening striking twice is very slim so you won’t miss your bingo games!


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