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Mecca Bingo proving it is possible to buck the trend

  • 20 Aug 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altMecca Bingo high street bingo halls are bucking the trend at the moment, at a time when most companies are suffering from the effects of the recession. Mecca Bingo is adding value to their operation and the results of their efforts are showing in their reported revenues.

Mecca Bingo certainly seems to be turning their bricks and mortar bingo operations around.  They have put the fun back into bingo; this has been helped with the addition of the hugely successful Full House Destination Clubs ‘After Dark’ evening sessions at Beeston, Catford, Oldbury, Aberdeen, Dagenham and Southend. Which we understand is a thrilling mix of clubbing and bingo.

It isn’t only the Full House Destination Clubs that are thriving currently; a recent story in the Hartlepool Mail highlights how their local Mecca Bingo is doing remarkably well.  This particular bingo hall has reportedly reached new records with over £2m paid out to bingo players in jackpots during the first half of the year. The reason for the success of the Hartlepool Mecca Bingo club is attributed to new innovations such as the Mecca Max electronic gaming terminals and the popular once a month ‘A Grand Night Out’ evenings.

Mecca Bingo parent Rank, reported a strong start in their half-year financial results published 28th July 2011.  The document shows the whole group has achieved significant growth; total group customers during the first 6 months had increased by 5.1% and in particular Mecca Bingo had performed very well. In fact the financial report reveals that Mecca Bingo revenue reached £121.7m which is an increase of 2.5% on previous figures. Mecca Bingo has also ploughed £7.3m this year into improvements at their portfolio of high street bingo halls.

Mecca Bingo online is also adding to the improved fortunes of Rank, adding value continuously with great bingo games based on popular TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and Deal or No Deal.  Along with new bingo games there are always great promotions on offer such as the All Winners Playoff.  Mecca have also added an app aimed at Android and iPhone users, that provide the opportunity to play the real money games straight from a mobile phone.

Mecca Bingo offer not only a great night out, but they also offer a fabulous night in too! Visit Mecca Bingo now to find out where your nearest high street bingo hall is and while you are there why not indulge in a few of the amazing online bingo games?

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