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Mecca Bingo winner and mum of four guilty of drug pushing

  • 21 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoA Mecca Bingo winner and mother of four children has been found guilty of possession with intent to supply Class B drugs.  The downfall of the Mecca Bingo winner was told during the trial of the accused woman Amanda Bradshaw, which took place at Teeside Crown Court this week.  The court heard that Bradshaw had started taking amphetamines in an attempt to lose weight.  Then when she won a £500 jackpot at the Stockton Mecca Bingo she used the cash to purchase a large quantity of amphetamines to sell on to friends.  The drugs were seized by the police in raids carried out at two addresses in Stockton, one Bradshaw’s mother’s home address and one at her own address.

Drugs seized had street value of £900

Police had obtained a warrant to search both residences, and the court was told that substantial amounts of drugs were found in a freezer at Amanda Bradshaw’s mother’s house. Bradshaw did not try to deny that they belonged to her and had stated when questioned that she kept them at her mother’s house so that her children would not become aware of her drug use.  The drugs recovered had a street value of around £900 and the court heard that Bradshaw’s mother was unaware of the drugs hidden in her freezer.

Bradshaw was described in court as an “extremely limited lady”, who had learning difficulties and had attended a special school as a child. The Judge, Tony Briggs sentenced the disgraced mother to a prison sentence that was suspended for 18 months, the judge also passed a 12 month supervision order.

Bingo win can supply lots of things – but surely not drugs!

What is incredibly sad about this story is that rather than make the most of her bingo win, to do some good for her family, Amanda Bradshaw decided to take a vastly different route with her Mecca Bingo win.  How many of us dream of winning any cash jackpot when we play our bingo games, all with idle hope of how we could use the money in the event  of a win, maybe to buy a holiday, a new wardrobe of clothes, a charitable donation maybe or just spend some money having a little fun with family or friends.  However none of us would surely dream of purchasing a large quantity of drugs to push to our friends with our bingo jackpot win!

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