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Mecca Bingo’s CM Bingo Dave, now not doing it at all?

  • 13 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoMecca Bingo’s CM Bingo Dave has gone very quiet.  Mecca Bingo had told all their loyal online bingo fans very proudly that Bingo Dave is up for a challenge – all in the name of charity – The results of his challenges are pretty thin on the ground.  We recently wrote about the lack of progress that Bingo Dave has had in his fund raising efforts for the Whizz-Kidz charity, and we were given details by Mecca Bingo that Bingo Dave would be rising to the challenges set him before the end of the year.  Well the clock is ticking and there are still no signs of any charity fund raising as promised by Mecca BIngo and other than some leg waxing for charity that Bingo Dave had to endure in the summer there has been little else.

Mrs Bingo Dave put a stop to Dave Will Do It?

Mecca Bingo gave the reason in October for the lack of fund raising activity in the ‘Dave Will Do It’ campaign for their chosen charity Whizz-kidz as the fact that Bingo Dave had got hitched.  At the time Bingo Hideout suggested cheekily that maybe Mrs Bingo Dave might put her foot down and not allow any of the more dangerous stunts.  Leg waxing was obviously fairly safe which was the first stunt that Bingo Dave endured, but when it comes to parachute jumps or abseiling then we could see that the lady wife might object.  However even though Mecca Bingo said that there would be some new stunts for Bingo Dave to participate there has been little evidence of any.

How is the Whizz-kidz fund raising going?

We here at Bingo Hideout obviously have no axe to grind and applaud Mecca Bingo for all their fabulous fund raising efforts for this very worthwhile charity.  However we were looking forward to seeing the pained look on Bingo Dave’s face when he was going through the stunts in the name of charity.  The Dave Will Do It section has now been removed from the Mecca Bingo site and there are also no updates on how the fund raising for Whizz-kidz has gone so information is not readily available on what is actually happening now.  So Mecca Bingo HQ please feel free to leave us a little note below on how the fund raising went, all the team in the Bingo Hideout office are very interested as are our very dear readers.  Bingo Dave, are you possibly worn out from all the exertions of married life?


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