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Memorable Bingo Wins

  • 06 Nov 15
  • Written by Peachy

memorable bingo wins

A friend recently recounted to me a story about her first bingo win. As a child she was holidaying in a seaside town with her family. During one evening it was decided that her mum would stay in with her baby brother but that she would go out for a walk with her father. She revelled in having this special time with her dad and as they wandered along the sea front they were drawn into the amusement arcades and found themselves having a game of bingo. To her utter delight she and her dad were winners and she chose as their prize a lamp shaped like a donkey. This lamp travelled everywhere with her, and now over 50 years on, it takes pride of place on her bedside table.

Here are some more memorable bingo wins that brought a smile to someone’s face. On one occasion one lucky lady found that she had a full house and as she excitedly shouted out “bingo” at the top of her voice……her false teeth fell out! Another winner was so excited that she jumped up on the table and started dancing.

Then we have the gentleman who remembers the night when his then girlfriend asked him two very important questions. The first was “Do you love me?” and the second was “Do you love bingo?” Happily he answered “yes” to both questions and the couple married and are together 15 years later and are still avid bingo players.

Some other bingo games are memorable for quite different reasons. These examples all involve acts of kindness. One player once saw an employee point out to a very elderly lady that she had missed a number. When the very next number was called out she had a full house. How happy must she have been? Then another player was quite touched by the kindness of a fellow player when she paid for a
lady’s bingo cards when she had come out without her purse. And there is the story of a winner who bought dinner for the stranger sitting beside her, as her way to celebrate.

Another lady’s most memorable bingo game stuck in her mind as she had her dabber sabotaged! When she went to use it she found that someone had sealed the end up with wax. At a different game the bingo caller went to sit down during the break and his chair collapsed! He’ll remember that game for some time to come!

For many online players it’s the size and frequency of their wins that are most memorable. An active pensioner recalls how he had never before had a big bingo win in spite of playing for numerous years. He then won the jackpot of £1000 – and won it again two weeks later!

Many players, whether in traditional bingo halls or playing the game online, confess that the most endearing aspect of the game is the friendship, the fun and the enjoyment they all experience through coming together to play. Long may the bingo community continue to be welcoming and all embracing!

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