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Midlands Gang on Raid Rampage Hit Bingo Hall

  • 04 Aug 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altA gang of Leicestershire thugs has been on the rampage across the Midlands, carrying out a series of appalling break-ins and burglaries. The group managed to gain access to the majority of the homes and businesses they targeted by posing as police officers and tax officials to falsely gain their victims trust. Once inside, they frequently turned violent, often binding residents and employees, and threatening to kill or harm them.

One raid saw the workforce at a bingo hall in Northamptonshire being tied up and having hoods placed over their heads whilst the crew of motley criminals stole £35,000 from the premises. Other homes and businesses across Leicester, plus a petrol station in Nottingham were also terrorised.

Five men who were responsible for at least six of the crimes, which date back to 2009, were imprisoned this month for a total of 30 years at Northampton Crown Court. Each received either a sentence for burglary or conspiracy to burgle prior to being sent down.

Speaking on behalf of Leicestershire Police after the hearing, D.C. Gary Dickinson said that it had been “a complex case” and believed the outcome had resulted in all the offenders receiving fair sentences. He pointed out it was particularly contemptible that the crew had posed in positions of authority in order to carry out their crimes, and that their sentences reflected “the severity of their actions.”

Four of the five men were found guilty of conspiracy to burgle. 29 year-old Wayne Vakani received 8 years of prison time for his part in three of the raids, including the one at the bingo hall; 29-year-old Ibrahim Razak protested his innocence, but was found guilty and sentenced for 5 years after the court heard that he had hired the car that was used in one of the raids, and was also discovered to be in possession of a fake police I.D. The two other men, Dez Robinson and Shraine Tumber pleaded guilty, with the former receiving 5 years and the latter receiving a 12-month suspended sentence. 29-year-old Benjamin Chisholm pleaded guilty to the charge of burglary and was imprisoned for 8 years, plus an additional two years for separate blackmail offences.

Hopefully, the residents and employees affected by these crimes will now be able to sleep a little easier at night. At least this gang of crooks should certainly have plenty of time to reflect on their misdoings, and will hopefully realise that crime doesn’t pay. Perhaps they should have played a game or two at the bingo hall, rather than robbing it?

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