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Minxy Bingo release details of their most popular Minx

  • 04 May 09
  • Written by admin

Minxy Bingo

Online bingo site Minxy Bingo have been looking for someone to be crowned as the number one minx in the UK, and as such have carried out a poll to see who they felt was a super secret minx. The independent poll on behalf of Minxy Bingo has some surprise contenders but no more surprising than the final Queen and new Number One Secret Minx, Lorraine Kelly. The poll for Minxy Bingo by onepoll.com in March asked the 2,000 women questioned various questions such as which celebrity they believed had the ‘minxiest twinkle in their eye’. Voters were given a scale of one to five to rate celebrities on their ‘minxiness’ and for the purposes of the poll minxiness meant ‘cheeky, fun, confident and sexy’.

Lorraine Kelly topped the list of Secret Minxes at Minxy Bingo with an overall minxy rating of 62% with Fiona Bruce reaching second place with a Minxy Bingo rating of 59%, and in third place a surprising entry of Arlene Philips with 58%.

The conventional Minx list was also voted on with the ladies being asked to then rate a selection of more typical minxy celebrities on their overall Minxiness rating again on a scale of one to five. There were no shocks here as Minxy Bingo had the first place of the conventional minx of 2009 award going to Cheryl Cole who rated a very respectable 67%, followed closely by the delightful Ms Beyonce Knowles at 66% and Kylie reaching third place with 65%.

A spokesperson for Minxy Bingo said that Lorraine Kelly was regarded as a good role model for British women who through hard work and her own talents has risen to celebrity stardom, yet still maintained her sense of humour and cheeky side as well as retaining her sexiness.

Minxy Bingo has also recently been running a campaign to find an online bingo player to star in their television advertising campaign. Minxy Bingo was looking for someone ‘wanting to release their inner minx’ and managed to find a very minxy lady to take up the challenge, Shievonne Robinson, who is known as Minxy to her friends.

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