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More Reasons to Shop at Mecca Bingo

  • 29 Jul 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altWho would have thought that food and bingo go together? Well, they don’t traditionally, unless you’re playing a 75-ball game and have a bingo win on a coffee cup or cake pattern. However, Mecca Bingo has just turned this cross-breed concept on its head by hiring former Morrisons marketing director, James Condon, as their brand marketing director. Perhaps they want to give us more reasons to play at Mecca?

Condon had only been in his previous post at Morrisons since September of last year, having undertaken the role on a temporary basis. Before that, he held positions at Lebara Mobile, Tesco and Wal-mart, so he’s definitely well-versed in handling food fights.

The reason that Mecca Bingo appears to be hunting for fresh blood is down to the fact that they wish to assimilate their brand in order to deliver the very best bingo to all of their customers, no matter how they choose to play. The company currently caters for their players in land-based halls, online website, and via their smart-phone application. Their online site is also rapidly expanding their selection of casino offerings, including card and table games, as well as slots. The famous brand has high hopes that James will play a key role in furthering their place as industry leaders across all of their platforms, with “his extensive senior level retail and digital experience.”

It’s not the only change in staff taking place at the company either, as last month their managing director, Mark Jones, was appointed as the new chairman of the Bingo Association. The Association is the trade body for land-based operators in the U.K, which represents the interests of its industry members, as well as third parties, which include regulators and government.

If you’re a Mecca member, who plays online, at a local club, or via your mobile device, we would love to hear your thoughts on this story. Do you think Mecca’s doing what’s best for their customers by incorporating all of their offerings under one roof? Or, do you think that players would get a better deal and a more personal touch if each strand was treated as a separate entity?

We’re definitely intrigued to see how the ex-Morrisons marketing guru will drive the brand over the forthcoming months. Can we expect to see Buy One, Get One Pack of Bacon Free ticket deals, land-based Mecca food halls, or 5-a-Day-Line games? It’s certainly food for thought…


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